All plugins are available as a complete Body Bundle Package in the

$10 / €9 tier at

The plugins are compatible with the VAM / Virt-A-Mate software. 

Download at

Released Plugins

Bundle of available and released plugins

Add lifters and cuffs with chain/ropes to different limbs

Multipurpose plugin. Give life to your characters (and maybe the opposite and everything between)

Create and play physical animations

One of the more advanced plugins. Self-balancing your characters. 

Includes Procedural Dancing and Procedural Walking

Adjust the muscle strength and muscle pose with sliders for each body part

Control your camera and lightning. Pose your character or automate your video recordings.

Create physical forces to move body parts

UI Manager

Manager for all plugins

Visualize joints, controllers, colliders and tooltips

Simulate floating in the water

Motion Manager

Physical swimming while floating in the water

Undo / Redo

What, this is not included in the ordinary application?

Total control of the physical muscles


Upcoming Plugins

Work in progress

Miscreated Face

Custom Unity Asset + Gaze plugin and some more features. Could be parented to your HMD or just spinning around in the scene?

Object Inspector

Analyzing and update the values of the properties of any object in the scene


Simple control of your all current plugins

Not yet revealed

As a kid, this is like a dream come true!

Visualizer Advanced

Even more visualizations

Not yet revealed