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All plugins requires a software called VAM / Virt-A-Mate (Creator)

Important info - A Virtual Reality headset is not required! You can use mouse and keyboard!

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Start here

Where to download your software?

When you subscribe to the $10 tier on SubscribeStar the build-server should automatically build the software for you and distribute it to your e-mail as a welcome mail.

There are also some dependencies but they should all be linked from the same e-mail

Add var-files

Put all the var-files in the VAM/AddOnPackages folder.  BodyHandling.xx should be attached in the e-mail. 

miscreated.BodyHandlingPoseCamScene.32.var, miscreated.Freyia.1.var, miscreated.Leather-Cuffs.1.var etc. could be found at the patreon link

Open Example Scenes

Start VAM in Creator mode

Press the Open Scene button

Select miscreated.BodyHandlingPoseCamScene.25 (or latest) - You should see the scene examples

Click on Cyber Freyia Dressed

New: Get Started Youtube Tutorial

00:11 Load Freyia Template Scene

00:49 Remove Plugins

01:43 Attach Pose Camera 4 to Window Camera plugin

04:42 Add Session Plugin

04:58 Add Person Plugin to use the shared canvas

Cyber Freyia Dressed Scene - Desktop Mode

This is a simple test scene containing Freyia in Balance-ReBalance-Steps mode. You should be able to drag her head and she will stumble into a balanced position.

The menu should be located in the top right corner in Desktop mode.

Cyber Freyia Dressed Scene - VR Mode

In VR mode, it's a bit more complicated, but the menu should be popup slightly above your left hand, when looking at it in a specific angle. 

Use your own scene and use the plugins

Adding the body plugin to a "Person"

In case you want more details. Check out the video - Add Plugin to a girl, below

Adding the Pose Camera plugin

Check out the video tutorial at the bottom for more details

When you've added the PoseCamera.cs to the Window Camera you only need to press M button to activate the camera!

Update: Instead of PoseCamera.cs you have to add PoseCamera4.cslist instead for all the new features!

Video Tutorial - Add plugin to a girl

This is a quick tutorial if you want to add a plugin to your scene actor. It's pretty old but still, it's the same procedure.

Video Tutorial - Add multiple plugins

This is a quick tutorial if you want to add the plugins to your scene actors. Also how to reposition of the menu.

Featuring the Pose camera - Just add Misc/PoseCamera.cs plugin to the Window Camera atom.

Working with the User Interface

Detachable UI

In VR mode, you might want to detach the UI. It's easy, just hit UI and click detach.

Calibrate the position

Reposition the UI for a more comfortable position

Change the scale of the UI 

More exact scale available in the plugin menu

Load and Save UI presets

You can create settings that fits your taste

One handed option

Also available as a setting in the plugin menu.

Project the UI on the wall/ceiling

Detach to any position and hand

Left/Right Toggle