Pose Camera

Add camera positions

Automatically switch between static positions. Random or in order

Add lightning

Create and delete lights following your tracked target

Efficient Collapsible UI

Light Studio

Simple management of the lights in the scene

Gampad Support

Analogue sticks for maximum control

Keyboard Shortcuts

• LMB = Left Mouse Button, RMB = Right Mouse Button Motion

• Smooth motion - Movement with Right Mouse Button and [WASD] + [QE] buttons (Shift for double speed)
• [X]/[Z] adjusting the camera height
• [T] for Track Next / Shift T for Track Previous Actor/Focus Point

• [H] to hide/show UI
• [B] for Depth Of Field - Button B (Autofocus on left/right eye of character)
• [K] for camera shake

• [LMB] Select closest control point (Prioritizing controls that are "On" and closest to the camera)
• [Shift] + [LMB] Restrict motion to floor plane
• [Ctrl] + [LMB] = Rotate the active controller / Rotate Light with LookAt Mouse Pointer
• [Alpha 1-9] / [Scroll Wheel] for Zoom/Distance adjustments depending on camera mode
• Holding [Scroll Wheel] down to move tracking offset (Double click for reset)
• [Left Ctrl] + [Scroll Wheel] for FOV adjustments

Position Atoms
• [Keypad 1-9] for Instant move (create a new position atom if it's not exists) to Camera Position Atom
• [Keypad 0] Move to next/random valid position (Configurable)
• [Ctrl] + [Keypad 1-9] moves the camera position atom to current camera position

• [Spacebar] for configurable speedburst
• [Ctrl] +[Z] for Undo [Ctrl] +[Y] for Redo
• [L] button adds a spot/point light at camera position (Light settings in UI)
• [LMB] + [LMB] (Double click) toggles the controller to switch between state off/on
• [,] Dance Beat start [R] Dance Beat Reset - When using automatic camera motion between camera positions to be able to sync with music.

Object detection and collision avoidance

Checking the line of sight to the tracked object and adjusting the camera position automatically

Total Pose Control

Rotate (Look at mouse pointer) and different move types for total control

Demonstrating features available in Pose Camera 4


Use keyboard shortcuts

Numpad 1-9 to create and move to camera positions

Demonstrating some of the features added in Pose Camera 3, like FOV control and boost movements with spacebar

Live recorded with pose camera