Pose Camera

Elevate Your VAM Experience

Pose Camera represents a pinnacle of innovation in virtual cinematography, offering creators unparalleled control over camera movement and scene lighting with minimal effort. Evolved through over five years of development, the plugin is engineered to automate the filming process, allowing users to produce dynamic, high-quality videos with ease.

Attach plugin to Window Camera

LUT Filters

Checking the line of sight to the tracked object and adjusting the camera position automatically

Focus Points

You can add, edit and remove focus points (points of interests) that's attached to each character.

Light Studio

Simple management of the lights in the scene. Adjust individual light parameters including light type, position, target, color, range, and intensity to create the perfect setting.

Gampad Support

For those who prefer tactile control, the plugin offers full gamepad support, allowing for precise adjustments and a more hands-on approach to virtual cinematography.

Add camera positions

Automatically switch between static positions. Random or in order

Control the lights

Create and delete lights following your tracked target

Efficient Collapsible UI

Keyboard Shortcuts

General Controls
[M] - Toggle the camera on/off (Enter/Exit Window Camera)

Mouse Controls
[LMB] - Left Mouse Button
[RMB] - Right Mouse Button

• Smooth motion - Movement with Right Mouse Button and [WASD] + [QE] buttons (Shift for double speed)
[X]/[Z] - Adjusting the camera height
[T] - Track Next / Shift [T] for Track Previous Actor/Focus Point
[Alpha 1-9] / [Scroll Wheel] - Zoom/Distance adjustments depending on camera mode
• Holding [Scroll Wheel] down - Move tracking offset (Double click for reset)
[Left Ctrl] + [Scroll Wheel] - FOV adjustments

[H] - Hide/show UI
[B] - Depth Of Field (Blur)
[K] - Camera shake
[C] - Switch between different Camera modes

[LMB] - Select closest control point (Prioritizing controls that are "On" and closest to the camera)
[Shift] + [LMB] - Restrict motion to floor plane
[Ctrl] + [LMB] - Rotate the active controller / Rotate Light with LookAt Mouse Pointer

Position Atoms
[Keypad 1-9] - Instant move (create a new position atom if it's not exists) to Camera Position Atom
[Keypad 0] - Move to next/random valid position (Configurable)
[Ctrl] + [Keypad 1-9] - Moves the camera position atom to current camera position

[Spacebar] - Configurable cinematic speedburst
[Ctrl] +[Z] - Undo
[Ctrl] +[Y] - Redo
[L] - Adds a spot/point light at camera position (Light settings in UI)
[V] - Turn On/Off the visibility of all the spot/point lights
[LMB] + [LMB] (Double click) - Toggles the controller to switch between state off/on
[,] - Dance Beat start
[R] - Dance Beat Reset - When using automatic camera motion between camera positions to be able to sync with music

Object detection and collision avoidance

Checking the line of sight to the tracked object and adjusting the camera position automatically

Total Pose Control

Rotate (Look at mouse pointer) and different move types for total control

Four Camera Modes [C]

Standard Mode

The foundational camera mode that started it all, Standard Mode offers a user-friendly interface for smooth, automated rotation around the subject, ensuring that even beginners can achieve stunning results.

Selfie Camera Mode

Selfie Camera Mode hands creators the reins, allowing for total command over camera orientation with an intermediary atom that the camera tracks. It’s tailor-made for detailed scene compositions and integrating with other plugins for enhanced movement and control.

FPS Camera Mode

Transform any character into a live-action hero with the FPS Camera Mode, which attaches the camera directly to the character's head, capturing every thrilling moment with Go-Pro like authenticity and excitement.

Face Camera Mode

With its sophisticated tracking algorithms, Face Camera Mode maintains a delicate balance between face and body orientation, perfect for highlighting intricate expressions and maintaining character focus.

Cinematic Effects

Depth of Field (DOF)

Automatic focusing on characters' eyes brings your subjects to life, while the background blurs away, adding a rich depth that accentuates the central figures.

LUT Color Grading

Transform the visual ambiance of your scenes with color grading. Import custom LUTs to curate unique atmospheres, emulating different times of day, environments, or cinematic styles.


Bloom brings a film-like quality to scenes, mimicking the way light interacts with cameras in the real world. The result is a soft, ethereal glow that can be fine-tuned for intensity and threshold, giving a dreamy quality to lights.

Light Studio

The Light Studio is an integral part of the Camera Control Plugin, allowing users to manage and manipulate light sources within their VAM scenes. 

A Full Spectrum of Control

The Light Studio feature offers an array of lighting options that let you control the ambience and mood of every scene. Adjust individual light parameters including color, range, and intensity to create the perfect setting.

Dynamic Light Tracking

Attach lights to characters or the camera itself, enabling dynamic lighting that moves with your actors, maintaining consistent illumination regardless of camera positioning. Additionally, lights can be linked to the camera or actors and can be set to follow or always look towards an actor for dynamic lighting effects.

Seamless Automation

Obscure Detection

With an intelligent obscure detection system, the plugin automatically finds the optimal camera angle, ensuring the subject is always visible and the narrative clear.

Camera Position Automation

Easily switch between up to 10 saved camera positions with the press of a numpad key. Automatic switching engages when the character is obscured, providing a continuous, unbroken view.

Advanced Motion Controls

Incorporate camera shakes and Perlin noise motion for a dynamic, handheld feel, or utilize smooth motion options for steady, flowing camera movements.

Plugin Synergy

Designed to work in concert with a host of other plugins, the VAM Advanced Camera Plugin enhances and expands your creative possibilities without ever breaking your existing workflow.

Demonstrating features available in Pose Camera 4


Use keyboard shortcuts

Numpad 1-9 to create and move to camera positions

Demonstrating some of the features added in Pose Camera 3, like FOV control and boost movements with spacebar

Live recorded with pose camera


This plugin is not just a tool; it’s a revolution in virtual filmmaking. It empowers you to create captivating videos with ease, elevating your VAM experience to cinematic heights. In the realm of Virt-A-Mate, the VAM Advanced Camera reigns supreme. It's not just for filmmakers; it's the essence of the VAM experience. Elevating every aspect of the platform, it's hands down the most valuable plugin available. Once you integrate it into your workflow, there's no turning back — VAM without this tool is simply unimaginable.