Balance 5.0 - Improved walking, calibration and more

Cyclic forces

Use cyclic forces to create more natural interesting walking motion


Now it's possible to configure walking variances to make her behave more realistic

Balance Demo

You can use different numbers of pins for different use cases. Above is an example of three dynamic control points. Keep them balanced on YouTube

Balance - Drag mode

You can just drag her around, she will still keep the balance

Balanced poses

Adjust the mass of each body part.

Martial Arts on YouTube



Randomized parameters will let the actor fall/stand automatically for fun experiences


Falling/standing toggled when used in unpinned balance mode. Bound by ropes.


Randomized parameters will let the actor fall/stand automatically for fun experiences

Procedural walking and dancing


Procedural walking is another fun mode you can play with. Apply unlimited number of walk-styles

Rope + Balance

It can be fun to use the rope plugin and the balance plugin in different combinations

Balanced Dance

Procedural dance mode to bring your actor to life. Balanced Dance on YouTube

Free walk / Unpinned mode

Unpinned mode

Use unpinned mode for the stumbling/falling/standing - Here also with a ReAnimator upper body animation

Scale differences

Possession of a large girl, playing with the small girl

XXL on YouTube


Balance for Balanced synchronized procedural dancing

ReAnimator for physical movements

On the floor on YouTube

Possession / Software Full Body Tracking


You can have fun playing the game as any character

Possess mode

Attach the balance plugin and play as any character in VR. The body of your body will follow your head.

Possess on YouTube

Software Full Body Tracking

Useful for mocaps. Full body tracking with only head and hand controllers?

You have a dream on YouTube


Load predefined templates or create your own

Restore control point

Restore the root control point for simple management

Walk towards

Updated the walk towards atom - Follow atom and parent it to yourself

Dance Synchronized

Synchronize the dance with the procedural walking

Random Pose

Now uses muscle poses for enhanced pose experience

Automatic calibration

Improve the balance with height calibration

Improved walking

Unlimted number of walk styles

Balance 4.0 UI Walkthrough

The following images will be updated with Balance 5.0 images.

Dance UI

Dance mode can be used for more than dance. Create life!


Adjust the rebalance step mode for different purposes



Mass / COG

Adjust the body mass for improved COG

Use cyclic forces to create more interesting walking motion

The video above was created with ease using latest balance and some included templates.

The walking animation was created with the new Balance using synchronized bounces.

Procedural walking with the balance plugin

Demonstrating the new Dance feature of the balance plugin

Demonstrating one leg jump, 3-point control mode and the new unpinned mode

Playing around with a girl using ReAnimator + Balance

The little girl (Freyia) in Balance-unpinned mode

Large girl (Tias) in Balance-Rebalanc mode

Balance in the walk-mode