High performance Eyelid, eyeball and dilate engine

Always tries to find the most interesting object in the field of view

Unique templates

You can create your own templates but there are some unique included

Total eye control

It's all about their eyes, right?

Total Pose Control

Rotate (Look at mouse pointer) and different move types for total control

Timed actions

Delayed drop to floor, timed rigidity, timed unconscious etc.

You can smoothly control expressions with simple parameters

You can also control some morphs for each template

3 quick templates but you can create your own tongue physics

Animation Combinations

Create interesting presets


Early test with the new tongue physics in virtual reality

Create/ Use different non-conscious states

More features

Plugin Control - Enable/Disable external plugins

Demonstrating some of the expressions available in the Relax plugin

Relax plugin demonstration: Unconscious body control, expressions