Relax - Gaze Engine

This is a highly game optimized eye and eyelid-engine. When enabled it will scan for point of interests in the frustum set by the FOV slider to the right. It's like a 3d-cone from your eyes.

Important / Common parameters

  • Down Offset in degrees - Increase this offset if you want the character to look more down

  • FOV ° - The Perception / Field of View is like a Cone / Circular field of view in degree.

  • Min [s] -Minimum time to switch to a new POI target

  • Randomize variance timer - Add this to the minimum time to calculate the timeout

Points of interest

There are some common point of interest points like eyes, mouth, hands and breasts for each individual.

It will also look for the camera rig (your eyes in VR mode) and the window camera.

Here you can see the gaze engine will find the most interesting point to follow

The above settings should be the same. In the latest Relax there should be a watchdog to make sure they are disabled if you use the Relax Gaze. They should never be used at the same time.

Blink engine parameters

  • Switch Blink % - Probabily for blinking while switching target

  • Switch Time - Shut and open timer for the eyelids if blinking when switching target

  • Blink Min - Minimum blinking time

  • Blink Variance - Randomize blink duration between min time + variance time

  • Blink Time is the minimum time for a blink

  • Blink Variance is the variance in time for a blink

Blink Time 0.2 + Blink Time Variance of 0.3s = Max Blink time is 0.5 second.

Random objects

Random target parameters

  • Probability % - Probability to switch to a randomized target

  • Random Angle ° - Maximum circular angle (FOV) when scanning for a randomized target

  • Random Target Min [s] - Minimum timeout for switching to a random target

  • Target variance [s] - Randomized time variance for switching to a random target

Advanced target parameters

  • Eye Speed [°/s] - Angular Velocity of the eyes when switching between objects

  • Minimum look time [s] - Minimum timer to look at the same target

  • Random Distance [m] - If no target found. Find a random target in the air at this distance

  • Minimum Distance [m] - Not possible to look on a target closer than this distance from the eyes. Decrease this if you don't like crossed eyes.

Physical Object Scanning - It will scan for any objects in the frustum to look at.

Linked targets

When the target finds any interesting objects like the eyes, it will have a probability to switch back and forth between those objects.

Linked targets 100ms

Linked Targets 700 ms