Tangled Lifter UI

Create lifters, attached to limbs and they are fully configurable

Mesh Details

You can decide if you want high or low poly chain

Link Size

Adjust the size of the procedural chain


Generate your own custom chain


Procedural chain adjustable link-aspect

Collision avoidance

Ropes will use colliders and avoid spawn inside objects


Create lifters, attached to limbs and they are fully configurable

Calibration templates

Quick-Load your own templates

Move & Rotate

The lifters can be rotated, moved and adjusted with simple buttons

Interesting templates

There are over 20 pre-defined templates to play with, like this bungy jump template.

Material & Colors

You can customize the materials for cuffs, ropes and manacles

Customizable manacles

Easy to define, save and load cuffs/lifters

Back Cuffs

Adjusting the cuff size

Front cuffs

These are static cuffs, adjustable with a slider

Rope position

You can calibrate the position of each rope

Cloth support

Included textile cuffs but you can customizable the clothing as you wish

UI Tooltips 

Advanced plugin needed tooltip description

Link configuration

You can adjust collision, strength, length, the number of links and much much more

Quick buttons

It has to be easy!

Gloss & Metallic

Adjust the properties of the manacles and rope materials

Simple template switching

Animate with ropes

Old templates

There are older lifter styles with chain. They are also available and might be fun to play with

Anchor points

You can control the anchor points

Custom clothing

Added templates for VL13 ropes but you can use clothing of your choice

Custom templates

Create custom calibration templates for neck, arms, wrists, knees and ankles


Hit one button and that's all!

Rope Textures

Adjust the material of the ropes

Cuff demonstration while walking

Age restricted video but it will demonstrate some of the latest rope features