Muscle Manager

Random muscles

Random generate a pose with some simple buttons


One button to mirror left <-> right

Collapsible UI

Much to control but still, easy to handle

Total muscle control

Control fingers, toes, jaw and even the tongue muscles!

Finger Controls

Random finger controls

Physical muscles

Move with muscles

Tongue muscle

Total control of the six tongue muscles

Simple Humanoid UI

Designed for speed

Extending the limits

You should be able to extend the bend limits

Muscle flex configuration

You can control the flexibility and much much more in latest release

Bounciness, Strength & Flex

Combine all parameters to get a very realistic body simulation!

Muscle flex templates

Included 9 different of muscle flex configurations. You can also create your own.

Finger control

Improved controls for fingers, to create muscle animations?

Quick tutorial of how to use Muscle Manager to create a simple animation of two actors