In the last five-six years, I've been studying how to create superior porn experiences in Virtual Reality in the game engine called Unity 3D.

About four years ago I realized that I will never get the time to finalize my experiences in a decent package. Instead, I moved most of my experiences to a powerful and extremely customizable application called Virt-A-Mate!

My passion lies in sharing my experiences and bringing fascinating ideas to life. I've dedicated countless hours to this project, and with more supporters, I can prioritize it over my regular job. The main objective of this project is to offer you the opportunity to explore things that may not be possible in real life. You can engage in activities such as restraining your characters with ropes or creating realistic muscle animations. Everything aims to mimic the physical aspects of reality and provide an unrestricted range of emotions. 

My focus for this project is to let you try out what's probably not possible in the real life! Bound your girls, let them hang in ropes.  Create muscle animations. Everything must be physical, as in real life. Do not let the reality limit your feelings! 

Important to notice that even if something looks weird, it's always created with a playful mind, rest assured that no harm will come to any real individuals. I have a genuine love and appreciation for women, and my work ensures their well-being. Additionally, I strive to provide a realistic and user-friendly interface for managing and controlling the actors' bodies. 

I also want to manage and control the body of the actors in a realistic way by using an easy to use interface. 

I have created some really interesting plugins that can used as toys for your pleasure like Freeze, Rope, Relax, PoseCamera, ReAnimator, Muscle Manager, Motion Manager, Float, UndoRedo and Submotion. Each iteration makes them even better.

Moving forward, my plan is to further develop and enhance these plugins for a more realistic and immersive experience. I will consistently share and release the very best of my work with you. 

By supporting my efforts, I will do my utmost to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. 

It's truly an exciting time to be alive! 

Latest video

You can have really fun spawning procedural objects into the scene

Master your puppets - My latest public not 18+ flagged videos

Experimental pose camera in first person mode, using foveated rendering

It's so much fun playing with the girls using ReAnimator in Zero Gravity

Video demonstration part 1 of 3

Testing out balance in procedural dance mode using ReAnimator for upper body

Video demonstration part 2 of 3

I think you might recognize the music in this video?

Video demonstration part 3 of 3

One of many demo scenes - Demonstrating the physical water

Recorded back in 2021 but I think it might be interesting to see when I'm playing with a girl in the pool

Using the latest Balance 5.1 to create interesting walking / dancing motions

Mixed gameplay from play-tests made this year

Playing with a new cool asset called Motoko - Enjoy!

This is a 18+ video tutorial on how you create muscle animations by the new convert tool.